Yes…’Simply Jennifer’s Way‘ is now ‘Chew On This‘. Coming soon: The Chew on This Box, online UNwellness programs, cooking classes, in-person gatherings and personal one-on-ones. And on October 22, check out my new podcast episode on GUT HEALTH! Learn all about gut health and its effect on the brain. So many of our problems are right in front of us…on our plate! Listen to all of the Chew On This podcast episodes here

I’m Jennifer Esposito and I want to feed you. I want to feed you food; clean food, delicious food. But more than just food, I want to feed you ideas and inspiration. All in hopes to nourish not only your body, but your mind. Everyone is welcome at my table.

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"Money; toxic people; toxic places; toxic jobs; toxic behavior; even toxic living situations. A surplus of unneeded excess that was not for my greater good.”

grain free pear cake

On every Chew On This podcast, I make something special and we eat it while we chat. This Pear Vanilla Cake was the star of the very first episode. Tune in to every episode just to hear and eventually SEE what I made. Then go make it yourself and invite friend over for your own conversation.

Yes, you get a recipe every episode. Woot!!

The Chew on This Box

No…we don’t want you to chew on the actual box. It’s just what we’re naming it. So what is the Chew on This Box?? It’s what dreams are made of…that’s what! It’s some of my old, new, improved and always delicious products, packed in a box, the contents of which will change each time we offer it. And there will limited quantity so when it’s offered, act quickly.

ALL items are GRAIN FREE as well as vegan, soy, nut and refined sugar free. ALL organic and made in small batches BY ME! And always a special something in the box from me to you. Ordering starts soon.

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unwellness online programs

UNwellness Online Programs

Programs that will cover everything from simplifying your life to healing your gut to becoming the best UNglowing you that you can be. 

Cooking Classes

Online cooking demos with myself and Goose. Boring cooking videos will not be happening here. Rather fun, easy, no rules kind of cooking.
gluten free cooking classes
live gatherings with jen and scott

Chew On This Gatherings

Like a live podcast except YOU’RE at the table with with Jen and Scott. Jen makes and teaches a recipe and we gather to learn from one another. We eat. We chat. We chew. We are aiming for one in November in NYC. Keep an eye on your inbox for the invite.

Personal One-On-Ones

I was asked to teach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) from my first book and NY Times bestseller Jennifer’s Way, which was about my journey with celiac disease. Since then, I’ve learned so much more on my journey to gut health, link to depression and overall well-being. I decided to go and learn some more so I enrolled in IIN. Sharing my journey and what I’ve learned in order to help you has been a mission of mine since the beginning and now I can help you personally. I know what it’s like to live in despair and illness. I will be taking on some clients in the coming months and space will be limited. More info to come.

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